Behind the scenes on the Pet Project

Janet had the absolute pleasure of photographing these fur babies in the studio recently!!

At first glance, you’d think that they are Whippet’s but they are in fact Italian Greyhounds! I didn’t even know such a breed exists.

The Italian Greyhound is sweet-natured and gentle, yet also exceptionally playful and athletic.

This warmth-seeking, comfort-loving dog can usually be found basking in sunspots or snuggled into soft furniture, often hidden under a blanket, pillow, or towel. When you own an Italian Greyhound, you need to watch where you sit!

In between his placid snuggles, Italian Greyhounds will suddenly explode into a burst of vigorous running and leaping, tearing pell-mell around the house or yard, darting and zigzagging at breakneck speeds and literally bouncing off the walls, fence, sofa, or beds.

Italian Greyhound profile:

·      Small and lightweight, with a unique slender, curvy build that he often shows off by posing like an elegant porcelain statue

·      Has a sleek easy-care coat that comes in many colors

·      Doesn't shed very much (though is not a hypoallergenic breed)

·      Moves with light-footed grace and a high-stepping gait

·      Can switch from couch potato to fast, agile athlete in an instant

·      Is polite and peaceful with everyone

·      Doesn't bark much

What are some of your favourite breeds of dogs? Do you have an unusual or unique canine? We would love to hear about them!! Send through some photos as well...we love doggies!!