Frequently Asked Questions About The Pet Project
1. When is the exhibition?

We are planning the exhibition at a date tbc in 2018 and hoping that a calendar or book may eventuate from the project. Our aim is to photograph over 100 Perth families.

2. Where will the photographs be taken?

The photos for this project will be taken at Janet's studio in North Fremantle.

3.Can myself and my family be photographed with my dog?

Yes we would love to see your family involved and it's also a great chance for you to have Janet who is one of the most awarded family portrait photographers in Australia photograph your family.

4. How do we raise money for Lifeline WA

We are requesting that paticipants donate $50 to our funraising site.

5. Can I purchase Photographs?

 YES ! We are hoping you will love the photos so much that you will want to purchase some of our wall art or photo collections. (prices on website) Also, a percentage of all sales is donated to Lifeline WA

6.  Do you have lay-by for any photos I want to purchase?

Yes. we offer the take home lay-by option*

7. How can I help promote the project?

We would love you to like our Facebook page and share with all your friends who have a “one of the family”